Two Of The Most Common Myths For Beginning Golfers

On the surface, golf seems like a relatively simple game. But while the rules and basic way to play might be simple, golfing itself isn't simple. If you're a beginning golfer, you may find plenty of "experts" willing to share their knowledge with you. Unfortunately, some "common" golf knowledge is flat-out wrong. Here's a look at some of the biggest myths you may encounter as a beginning golfer, and what you can do to avoid them.

Myth #1: Keep Your Head Down

One of the first tips beginning golfers receive always seems to be "keep your head down." But the truth is, this is actually a pretty dangerous thing to do to your body. If you attempt to keep your head facing straight down, you're subjecting your upper body to unnatural movement, and hindering movement in your lower body. Instead, focus on keeping your head level with your spine throughout the swing. Not having your head and back at the proper angle is probably the number one reason a golfer makes poor contact on a swing.

Myth #2: Keep Your Eye On The Ball

It's not necessarily wrong to keep your eye on the ball, but don't focus so much energy on it that your swing suffers. In other sports, you're using a different type of hand-eye coordination since the ball is moving. But in golf, all you have to do is get your club back to where you started. If you can swing towards the ball at the same angle as your back swing, you should make great contact. If you try to keep your eye on the ball too long, you may end up with what's known in golfing as a "chicken wing." Instead, keep your chin up and let your head follow the rest of your body. That way, you can learn to watch the flight of the ball instead of looking at the space where it just left.

There's a lot to learn if you're just starting out with golf, and it can be fairly intimidating. Fortunately, a beginning golfer can quickly learn the basics. If you're starting out, don't fall prey to these myths! You'll probably hear this advice from someone, and they're most likely genuinely trying to help you. But if you're believing these two myths, you'll not only be hurting your golf game, but could end up hurting your body. Take these myths with a grain of salt, and you'll be hitting down the middle of the fairway in no time!

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