3 Reasons To Use Expert NFL Picks For Season-Opener Games

A fresh new NFL season comes with a lot of changes, exciting schedules, and new players. Whether you play in local football pools or make bets online, you have the opportunity to have fun with various picks and options. Instead of picking games on a whim, check out the reasons to trust expert picks for the first official week of the NFL season.

1. New Player Performances 

A new season features a lot of new players. Some players come straight from college and start in the first game in the NFL. Someone who provides expert NFL picks will have knowledge of their college careers and how the transition has gone to the NFL. The transition includes reports from boot camps and reactions from other coaches around the league.

New players could also come from other teams. A star player may not perform the same on a new team. The different circumstances could lead to a lot of major changes. The experts can determine who will perform well and what teams to look out for.

2. Preseason Analysis

The preseason games may not offer the same excitement as a regular NFL season, but they can give some insight into which direction teams are headed. Expert NFL picks will include a full analysis of the games and which teams look strong heading into the regular season. Among the analysis may be some big underdogs or unexpected teams to lead the way.

3. Injury & Post-Injury Status

The off-season is a big time for injury recovery. Players may undergo surgeries or be out of action for months at a time. A player who returns from injury may not perform the same they once did. When you read expert NFL picks, the expert can detail the injury timeline and how the player now performs. For example, a running back could have less speed after a leg injury.

The expert picks will also detail players who have suffered injuries in the preseason. The injuries could be minor or could have a major impact on the way a team performs in the opening game of the season. If the player has a major role like the quarterback or wide receiver, then the game could easily swing the other way and benefit the opposing team.

Keep all of these factors in mind when you make your bets and get ready for the opening day of football. Read picks weeks in advance and then catch up on the news as the opening day approaches.