There Is Police Equipment That You Can Use For Personal Safety

There are certain tools that the police department uses to keep themselves safe in dangerous situations. One of those tools is called a tactical baton. You may not be able to use all the tools that the police do to keep yourself safe, but a tactical baton is something that you can use. Before you buy a tactical or expandable baton, you need to check into the laws of your state to make sure that they are a legal weapon. You don't want to be arrested for carrying an illegal weapon when you are just trying to keep yourself safe. 


Batons have been a weapon of police and law enforcement for centuries. They have gone by a variety of names, including truncheons, nightsticks, and billy clubs. They were traditionally made out of wood and were generally 1-3 feet long. However, as the police officers started to have to carry more equipment, a 3-foot piece of wood started to get in the way. Other styles became available and more popular. 

Tactical Batons

Tactical batons are also known as expanding batons or telescoping batons. They are made out of several sections of metal. The tactical baton starts out as a piece that is generally under a foot long. When it is opened fully, the pieces inside come out. Each piece is a slightly smaller than the one before it, until it locks into its full length, which is usually around 3 feet long. 

The batons can open in a couple of different ways. One is that they can be spring-loaded. A spring-loaded tactical baton has a button at the bottom. When the button is pushed, the remainder of the baton springs out. The other kind of opening method is a gravity opener. When you draw the baton, it gets flicked down. That action causes the telescoping pieces to open up and lock into place. 

Benefits of a Tactical Baton

One reason that you may choose to use a tac baton for personal safety is the same reason that police officers prefer to carry them. They take up relatively little space. You can put a holstered baton into a pocket, purse or bag, and even wear it on your belt. They are also relatively easy to learn how to use, and you can find places that offer classes so that you know what you are going. 

If you are concerned about your personal safety, you can use some of the same tools that police can, including tactical batons. For more information, check out a business such as Northern Security Supply Inc