Avoid Cycling Jersey Fashion Faux Paus With These Simple Tips

Becoming a respected cyclist in your hometown requires fitting in with others who have more experience and who have invested in standard cycling equipment, such as jerseys. However, it's very easy to make a jersey fashion faux paus that will make you stand out in a bad way. The following tips will help you find a jersey that looks great on you.

Don't Buy Pro Jerseys

When you're buying jerseys, you might be tempted to buy a pro kit that makes you look like a real, professionally-funded cyclist. This is a major mistake, as you will not only look silly, but will actively annoy other cyclists around you. Some suggest that vintage cycling jerseys are okay, but these can be hard to find and expensive.

Instead, try to find a simpler jersey that looks good, but which doesn't have a specific professional brand name attached to it. Cool jerseys often include numbers, textural designs, graphics, and more. Find one that suits your personality, such as one with a motivational saying that matches your personality.

Fitting It Properly

Once you've selected a jersey that suits your personal style, you need to find one that fits you properly. This might seem easy, but it actually requires managing a few different aspects of the jersey. For example, you should:

  • Avoid one that is too long and too short – It shouldn't extend out past your butt, but should also be close to the end of your shorts.
  • Make sure it is comfortable, but snug, across your chest and leaves little room for flapping fabric as you ride.
  • Choose one that lacks "zipper bunch" when you bend over, as this can be annoying when cycling.
  • Select a full or three-quarter zip option – full zip gives you more ventilation options by allowing you to open more of the jersey as you cycle, but three-quarter are easier to zip.

There's a chance that your dream jersey might not fit you properly, which is always disappointing. However, there should be a myriad of jerseys available that look very similar. Good comfort is good fashion, as nothing will look sillier than a jersey that doesn't fit properly.

Choosing The Best Colors For You

So you've chosen a jersey that matches your personal style and fits you. Now you need to think of its colors. You want to avoid picking colors that clash with your cycling shorts, the color of your bike, and even the tone of your skin. For example, iridescent colors typically look gaudy on pale people, while darker skin tones look too muddy with browns and greens.

Try to find a jersey that is brighter than your bike and your shorts to draw attention to it. This will not only help you stand out, but will make it easier for drivers to spot you when you're riding. Once you have a jersey that looks great on you, put it on and take a ride on your bike. You'll be surprised at how many heads turn your way as you go by. Click here to learn more about tall cycling jerseys.