Boat For Sale: Upgrades Worth Making

If you're looking for a perfect inshore fishing boat, few watercraft are more suited for angling skinny waters than the right flats boat. When you are looking to list your fishing boat for sale, making a few upgrades can help you command top dollar for your boat.

Here are of the ways that you can help your boat stand out from other flat boats for sale.

Bilge Pump and Prop

Because flats boats are light and built for a maximum of two fishermen, you don't need a monster engine to make your boat go fast. In fact, investing too heavily in an expensive and/or power motor can make some buyers balk at the higher sticker price. You can, however, make a big difference by investing in a new prop and bilge pump.

  • Composite: Most flats boats have stock parts and accessories. Adding a unique prop, suited specifically for your boat, can improve efficiency, power, and torque. When looking to swap out your existing prop, you should consider a composite prop built for operating in shallow water. A prop with more curve and surface area on the blades will deliver more torque, while also helping your flats boat get on plane quicker.
  • Bilge Pump: Flats boats are designed to be simpler and less fussy than traditional boats. This is one of the reasons why many flats boats lack creature comforts like bilge pumps. Adding a small bilge pump to the back section of your flats boats can help you quickly remove water when the seas are rough.

Decking and Storage

Most flats boats have minimal deck space and storage options. Before putting your flats boats up for sale, investing a little money in new decking and storage solutions can yield a much larger profit.

  • Themed: Choosing decking with a similar color scheme and design can make your flats boats feel like a custom fishing boat. When choosing your decking theme, it's important to consider how many decking pieces you want to add. For instance, will you add decking to the seat hatch, the flooring, and/or the gunwales? Once you decide how many pieces you want to add, you should work with a decking specialist who can create a custom look for your flats boat.
  • Cooler: Building an internal cooler box into one of your storage spaces can have a major wow-factor. When you're adding an internal cooler box, it's important to add a plug to drain melted ice and also an insulated lid system to keep things cooler longer.