Three Installation Options For Rubber Flooring In Your Home Gym

If you're shopping for rubber flooring that you'll use in your home gym, one thing that should be on your mind is how you'll install the flooring. There are several suitable methods that are partly dependent on what type of flooring you buy. It's a good idea to talk about the installation process when you're buying the flooring. An experienced salesperson should be able to give you some suggestions about what installation method will best suit your space. Here are three installation options that you can consider for the rubber flooring in your home gym.


If you want the flooring to be a permanent fixture in your home gym, it will make sense to adhere it to the floor. There are multiple ways that you can approach this task. Some people glue the rubber directly to the floor, which will help to keep it in place permanently. Another option is to use heavy-duty two-sided tape. It will hold the rubber flooring in place, but also give you the option of removing it sometime in the future — for example, when you sell your home. Adhering the rubber flooring to the floor of your home can be ideal because you can be confident that the rubber won't slide around.

Under The Baseboards

You may want to be sure that your rubber flooring remains firmly in place but also have the ability to lift it at some point in the future. One option is to remove the baseboards in your home gym, which is relatively easy for anyone who is comfortable with basic home repair work. You can then install the rubber flooring so that it fits tightly between the walls, and then replace the baseboards. The baseboards will help to hold the edges of the rubber down, thus preventing movement. In the future, if you're moving to another home or relocating the home gym to a different part of your home, you can remove the baseboards and easily lift the rubber flooring.


There are people who favor placing their rubber flooring on the floor of their home with no adhesive. While you might worry about the rubber sliding around under your body as you move, choosing a thick, heavy rubber product will partially reduce this risk. Additionally, once you place some heavy workout equipment in different areas of the flooring, you can be confident that it will remain in place. This loose installation method can be desirable because it will allow you to easily pull up the flooring and store it when you need to temporarily use this space for another purpose.

These are some things to remember when considering home gym rubber flooring